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Diamond Academy: Fall, 2034-2030  Boys Lacrosse

Fall 2023

Through phased fundamental development, the Diamond Academy focuses on building a foundation of efficient stickwork and proper movement that put players in positions to succeed. Through these disciplines and an understanding of the Shooting Diamond, players develop the physical skills and cerebral approach that are needed to succeed at the next level. At the Diamond Academy, we believe that the name-of-the-game is efficiency. We immerse our athletes in varsity level drills that emphasize the movement and mechanics needed to play "read-and-react" lacrosse.

Through the four movements, off-ball positioning, and efficient stickwork, players will learn to consistently generate high percentage scoring opportunities for both themselves and their teammates. Players will leave these trainings with an understanding of the Shooting Diamond, how to attack it, and how they can apply this understanding to their individual game.

Defense: Through phased fundamental development, our Defend the Diamond series focuses on building a foundation of footwork, recognition, and positioning that allow defenders to play to their strengths. Through daily disciplines and quality fundamentals, our defenders learn the techniques needed to "win the first step", win their matchup, dictate on-ball, and ultimately... defend the diamond.

Pick Up: Middle School and High School pick up sessions will be hosted throughout the year. Pick up sessions start with 15 minutes of small sided drills and then, numbers depending, live action in 6s or full field format.

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